Welding Supplies

Welding equipment and soldering equipment use high heat to join two pieces of material. Plasma cutting and arc cutting equipment use high heat to cut or gouge materials. Weld marking and cleaning, weld inspection and testing, and welding layout and positioning products support the welding process and help ensure consistent results. Welding personal protective equipment and welding area protection products include items that help prevent injury to workers or avoid damage to equipment and surfaces during welding.

Industrial Welding Supplies & Plant Hire CC specializes in the supply of a vast range of welding equipment, welding machines, welding consumables and accessories, associated engineering equipment and consumables, as well as the hire of small machinery and equipment related to the building and engineering industry.

The company also offers specialized repair and backup service on all products. We profess to carry welding goods from A-Z, and if we do not have the item you require in stock we will source it somewhere in the world for you.